Seasonal Acceptance Disorder

It’s that time of year again, I’ve started feeling un-productive, a little lazy, tired even, but instead of swallowing another spoonful of self-induced guilt, this year I am starting to question it. I am beginning to think that S.A.D. is more of that medicated trickery created to make us feel like there is something wrong with packin it in for the winter.

It’s normal, and I (we) just need to recogonize, that depression doesn’t have to mean sadness… it’s
a lessening of activity
dullness or inactivity
a depressed or sunken place or part; an area lower than the surrounding surface

Our energy doesn’t come out in regulated doses. The pure motion with which you moved in May, is waning… and you just have to let it go… ….

In the past few weeks, I’ve craved regular homecooked meals, (okay I’ve craved everything and a seemingly instantaneous result is my pants fitting a little tighter). I’ve instituted a 10 o’clock bedtime and 2 hour Saturday afternoon naps…. (okay I lied, 3 hours). I’ve craved a glass of wine in the evening, and cider, and pots of soup, and pasta with fresh baked bread. I rejoined Netflix and the only thing I’ve been takin to bed lately, is a good book.

The seasons are like waves, there are cyclical rhythms and if ya can’t understand the why for, just have enough sense to follow.

So I’m not gonna fight it anymore, I’m in for the winter, I’ll light a fire in the fireplace, get out my electric blanket and just accept it.

There’s no use denying the turtles, and the bears, and the bats, and the snakes. There’s no sense in feeling like you’ve got something wrong with you just be thankful for the chance to rest. Zzzzzzzzzz…..

7 thoughts on “Seasonal Acceptance Disorder

  1. I like your attitude, kid. You know the smell the furnace makes when you break it in for the first time of the season? I got that smell just reading this blog entry. It’s a good smell. Very cozy. I think I have seasonal missing Natalie disorder.


  2. “When a bear hibernates, it sleeps all winter and never goes to the bathroom. So when she wakes up in spring, she’s really constipated. The first thing she does is take this really painful shit. And then she goes and jumps in a river. She’s really pissed off now, about everything. When she comes out of the river, she’s covered in ice. It’s like armor. She goes on a rampage and she’s wearing armor. Isn’t that great? That bear can take a bite out of anything it wants.”

    -from Magic for Beginners, by Kelly Link. recommended.


  3. I’m right there with you. I’m new to my city, and it doesn’t get light out here unitl past 8 am…I’m terrified of what it will be like in January! But I’m going to make a giant pot of soup and go on a tea-buying binge and enjoy it!


  4. you are better than i. rather then accept it, i’m running from it. when i’m on the beach in a couple weeks, i’ll be sure and think of you with you’re blanket. and probably get a little jealous…


  5. I’d say old girl you are quite the sensible one. Like a pair of duck shoes on a rainy day.
    What a clever notion you have put forward here. Most people are aware of circadian rhythms, but few are hip to the mirade of other biological rhythms that effect that everything from our appetite to our libido. Modern Psychology is very interested in these phenomena, but with psychiatry is so wed to the medical/pharmeceutical (as you well stated) that it most often ignores the most natural answer to certain human behaviors.
    You are spot on, old girl, and I am grateful that you mentioned this because now I feel justified and encouraged by the inward turn I have been making. It coincides with me distancing myself from some people I at one time thought I was getting close to over the Summer. Now, I can see my withdrawl from the social scene in not such a negative light.


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