Gingerbunny’s Picks

So my bunny is pretty well behaved. She’s peed in my heels a few times during the week after I had her spayed and left suprises on the couch for the first month of her adoption, but that’s to be expected. She’s so cute though! I can never really get mad at her for anything, just like my adorable nephew who has blue eyes and white blond curls. See what I mean?

Sometimes, it’s just funny what she attempts to destroy. Today it seems that Gingerbunny was sick of eating timothy hay and decided to pick out a cookbook from my shelves. She went with, ahem, “The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals“. It’s important to mention that this totally vegan recipe collection that came out before I lost all my baby teeth was edited by Butterflies, and designed by Flowers. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Anyways, this cookbook obviously tastes good to bunnies.

She also has a hunger for music, yesterday it was vinyl copies of Cat Steven’sTea for the Tillerman and a record by some guy you’ve never heard of unless you were born at least by the end of the 70’s or have seen the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.  The only reason I even own this record, (well there’s two reasons). One it was free, and two it has that song Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head. Here’s a very special rendition, live from my Grandmother’s favorite, The Lawrence Welk Show.

Note to Gingerbunny: if you try and gnaw on my copy of John Coltrane’s OM, I will shave you and make a fancy hat. Not really, she doesn’t have that much fur, maybe just enough for a furry scrunchie.


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