One of the *perks* of living in thee good olde suburbs is having a yard. Mak asked me yesterday if my city dwelling friends were envious of me having the space to sprawl in… and I surprised him by saying they weren’t.

Yards such as mine are a pain in the ass unless you are retired and/or obsessive compulsive.  A big rectangle of grass requires constant maintainance and entails getting shunned by your neighbors when you fail to keep it up. Not to mention the effects of chemical fixes and all the pollution (especially Saturday morning noise)  caused by mowers, trimmers, and blowers.

I have mostly decorative trees, 2 dogwoods, 2 holly, and a magnolia so leaves aren’t really an issue until you factor in blow-over. Two years ago my dad just gave up on me taking responsibility and paid someone else to mulch my yard for me. Last year I just let them lie. I thought, they’d just break down and fertilize the lawn right? WRONG. They just laid there and got soggy and killed all the grass underneath.

So this year, after much procrastination, I finally got out there yesterday in the high 40’s and sunny weather with a rake, a boyfriend, and a dog and did some yard work!

Mak went above and beyond his official beau duties by cleaning out my gutters (yet another pitfall of homeownership). Three cheers for Mak!

One thought on “raked

  1. Our yard’s a pain in the ass too (factor in some scattered kids toys)…but we do our part for the planet by borrowing a manual push mower during the growing season. That’ll work you up a sweat. PS> So far the husband’s the only one who has actually mowed with it… I stick to the electric weed eater.


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