spreading my bliss…

Oops! I meant… angst. Where did the sun go? I want my vacation back. I want to sleep until 10:3o, take Sam on brisk walks, spend the entire day in the kitchen, and stay up way past 11 watching movies and discussing them in bed.

As soon as I got out of work at 5:30 in total darkness with at least a 40 degree drop in temperature compared to a few days ago, I lost all my ambition to go to yoga. I could think only of the pot of chicken soup with rice that I cooked yesterday. So I went home flaking out on exercise, and made myself a mocha and a glass of wine and called a friend to commiserate, okay whine.

Then I did something really weird. Promise you won’t tell? I went to the tanning bed. Gross, right? Yeah, I know. I feel better though. Something about being warm and artificially sunned. 

Right now I’ve got out a real notepad and pen and I’m gonna whine some more privately while listening to the uber- happy band  The Cardigans. It’ll be okay. I promised myself a mani/pedi tomorrow.

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