neil gaiman wins a newbery!

neilYou’ve heard of kids raised by wolves right? I bet you haven’t heard of a boy raised by ghosts in a cemetary though! I’m sorry to report I have yet to read “The Graveyard Book” to date, so that’s all I can tell you about this year’s Newbery winner.  I absolutely loved Gaiman’s children’s book “Coraline” (totally scared the crap out of me) and dug,” The Dangerous Alphabet”.  Plenty of my geeky friends have raved about his adult books enough for me to know they must be worth their weight in literary gold themselves.

Totally excited to get my hands on this, should be later this week.

check out his site: 

I can however retain at least some of my Children’s Librarian dignity by earlier pegging this year’s Caldecott Award, “The House in the Night” by Susan Marie Swanson.  I passed it on to a lot of my “Waldorf-y Schooler” type parents who I knew would dig it’s scratchy ode to the natural world illustrations.


See some more work of the illustrator:

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