i never thought i’d say this…

John Rott

John Rott

 But kudos to Louisville’s  Velocity Weekly for featuring a interracial couple in it’s main spread last week. The “wedding” photo shoot feature didn’t make the January 28th cover, but it made it’s pages nonetheless. 

Regardless of the color of our president, media/advertisers are still afraid of presenting a relationship that involves people of different races.

 Here’s to them for having the balls to print it.

 I was surprised though when I went to the online version to look for photos to include here.  In the ones selected for their website, you can’t really determine the race of the groom. It’s very evident in the print version. Puzzling.

I was recently made conscious of how interracial couples are neglected by the media (minus Seal and Heidi Klum) by reading a series of posts titled “How and why people of color are included in advertising”  on the Sociological Images blog.  It’s really got me thinking and in a perpetual state of irritation everytime I crack open a magazine or browse the web.

2 thoughts on “i never thought i’d say this…

  1. Media/advertisers are a reflection of our society. If they are afraid to present those relationships it’s because too many people are still offended by that, and the advertising, which is supposed to drive people to a product, might end up driving them away.

    Think about the commercials that don’t say anything at all about the product. 60 seconds worth of a feel good outdoors scene is followed by a logo for Pepsi or Miller beer. It’s all about creating emotions to sell the product. And the advertisers clearly think that there will be too many negative feelings with interracial couples.

    But let’s be clear. It isn’t about “interracial” relationships. It’s about black and white relationships. I don’t think the same concern is there for other racial combinations.

    And that is just a sad reflection of America. We’ve really come a long way, but we truly have a long way to go.


  2. There is definitely a long way to go still. Thanks for your thoughts. I think you’re right about advertising being a reflection of what the majority of people want. But it’s not just black and white relationships that are difficult for people to swallow (I would say it is the most highlighted one in America, and therefore the most objected to), but among most cultures it is unacceptable to marry/date outside of your race.


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