don’t panic

i just had some work done on my car. and i took the repair bill rather gracefully. a whole $1625.00 worth of grace.

tonight, i picked up my vehicle, drove no more than 2 miles when THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CAME BACK ON.

at that point, i lost my composure. bye-bye composure. it was nice having you.


my coworker found this on a piece of scrap paper today.i’m glad they scratched it out so i don’t feel so alone.

UPDATE: It’s possible that my car is still f*ed but will run.

2 thoughts on “don’t panic

  1. what is wrong with your car? It isn’t very old is it? I am sorry you are having so many problems, just like the last one. cars are stupid. See you this week!


  2. it’s a 98, and volvo’s are supposed to last like 300k miles if you care for them properly. my last one i didn’t so all the cash went to fix a bunch of little things found during it’s 150k mile tune up thingy. it’s main problem was with it’s emissions sensor– they only fixed part of it, so i still have to dump another $500 in. bah. i didn’t really want to go on vacation this year anyways.


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