papa, please get the moon for me

Want. A lot. Available in limited edition at



moonThis book by Eric Carle, (also wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar) is absolutely fantastic for teaching the phases of the moon to children. It’s about a girl who asks her father to get the moon down, because dammit, she wants to play with it. So pops gets this insane ladder, props it up on a mountain, climbs up to the very tip top… and you know, what baby wants, baby gets.

Speaking of Eric Carle, a few years back, I was all the way in Amherst, Massachusetts and by surprise found the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, got there like 5 minutes before closing time, and I still have no idea what’s inside. Dem folks at the ticket desk said, um.. you’re outta luck.

Some other time maybe?

The book has these wonderful “lift the flap” extenders, so even if you don’t care about expanding your knowledge of the universe, it’s just damned cool to look at while listening.

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