the frog prince

Bento Box Frog By Kitsa Sakurako

Bento Box Frog By Kitsa Sakurako

Last night I dreamed that I gave birth to a frog, the night before that I dreamed I bought a new mattress.

But back to the frog baby… whaaaat is up with that!  Any interpretations?

by Anna the Red

by Anna the Red

I’ve been seeing more and more bento box art lately, so if you dug the frog, I highly recommend checking out this blog:

Anna the Red’s Bento Factory

There’s Japanese culture inspired edible art as well as tips for cooking. I mean how freakin’ awesome/adorable is that Katamari Damacy sushi ball?

If you want a cool children’s book along the same lines look for one by Joost Elffers. It might not make your kid eat their vegetables, but they will surely want to play with them.’

by Joost Elffers

by Joost Elffers

How Are You Peeling?, Play Food, Dog Food, and Baby Food are among some of his older titles, and I’m still waiting to get my paws on his latest, Do You Love Me?

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