raccoon vs. fearless treeclimber

My friend Todd Smith is nearing completion of a two year project spent climbing trees and documenting the adventure. One of his craziest experiences happened in my backyard and involved his will against a very large and stubborn raccoon.

If you’ve never heard me whine about raccoons before, here’s why I often do. For the past two years, my attic is the hippest joint in the neighborhood for raccoons to hang out. They get in through my shed and into the attached carport and raise the roof. They fight, they make love, they make babies. They make loud noises. I have tried many things to get them to leave. I have poured ammonia, stacked up large extremely heavy piles of creek rock over the door, my dad nailed chickenwire over their entry(which they just ripped off), I’ve even trapped two and relocated them to greener pastures.  Nothing has stopped them.

I finally got earplugs. That seems to do the trick.



Here’s one of the SOB’s who’s lazy nap up in a tree was disrupted by my tree climbing obsessed friend. I felt pretty happy that the tables were turned for once.  The raccoon was sleeping right where Todd needed to get the marker he had placed. I warned him of rabies, but he went  up anyways, for the sake of art. Check out the whole story over at The Daily Climb.

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