Lots of kittens but not quite Koko

Times are hard, so has been finding cute new picture books. The library’s budget for ordering isn’t what it used to be, so we’ve been receiving fewer and fewer new titles. Not to fear! Regardless of the sinking economy, I have managed to track down a couple of books to make you say, “Awwww!”

First up is for the cat people. Written by Linda Newbery and illustrated by Catherine Rayner, Posy documents the deeds of a playful kitten. It’s short on plot but heavy on the illustrations. Will definitely make you squeal with delight,  “KITTENS!” Much like the little girl who stars in the video, “Kittens, Inspired by Kittens” which is totally off the subject but really funny. posy

Next up is a picture book that reeks of the amazing, Koko’s Kitten by Dr. Penny Patterson. If you’ve never read this to yourself, make it a priority to pick it up on your next trip to the library. If interspecies love gets your flies a flutterin, then you will go gaga over the TRUE story of a sign-language using gorilla who really, really, really wants a kitten. And when Koko finally coerces her handler to get one, it’s a sweet little tailless thing. I won’t tell you anymore about this emotional rollercoaster of a picture book so you can experience it with unopened eyes.

Now on to the book that shamelessly rips off Koko’s story, but that’s so endearing and well illustrated that I’m willing to overlook it. Anthony Browne starts his story, Little Beauty out much like Dr. Patterson’s telling, but gives it a silly little twist at the end.


One thought on “Lots of kittens but not quite Koko

  1. I loved Koko’s Kitten…Thanks for recommending it! P.S. I want to call you but it’s a tad early. Hmmm. You’re probably up anyway.


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