who’s the boss?

Close to a year ago, I was a fresh out the maternity ward mama. Those first few weeks are so full. You will be as exhausted as you are in love, and there’s a whole lot of love. 

You are at the mercy of your newborn. There is no doubt who is in charge.  It’s the baby.

Last year, Maria Frazee illustrated All the World, which although everyone else seemed to adore, it only made me want to vomit up three decade old shards of my We Are the World cassette.  The sap wasn’t her fault, she just drew the pictures- and got a big fat Caldecott Honor medal for it.

But man, The Boss Baby is spot on. It’s got new parents pegged. And once you’ve figured out the mystery that is your new bundle, you will find it funny too.

Love the executive onesie and adorable ending.


out of office

Haven’t posted anything for awhile, I have a good excuse.

Exhibit A

I know I’m the mama, but have to say, he’s many times more adorable than the puppy cam.