What your dog should expect when you’re expecting

This book has been passed around among the Children’s Librarians here for awhile and when it finally got to me,  I found out I really needed it.

Pushkin Meets the Bundle by Harriet Ziefert

Pushkin Meets the Bundle by Harriet Ziefert

It begins with Pushkin a happy dog who loves the man and woman he lives with. Everyday his owners go to work, but in the evenings they listen to music together, go on walks, learn tricks. All is well until one day they don’t return home.  When they do return they bring with them a bundle and everything changes for Pushkin.

Kate stays home. She pats the baby, but she doesn’t pat me. She plays with the baby, but she doesn’t play with me.            She kisses the baby but doesn’t kiss me.

My Schnauzer Sam(sara) is such a loving dog, but he’s also jealous. I’m going to have to read him this every night until I bring home my own bundle. (Or perhaps birth my own bundle at home).


a day in pictures…

woke up with snuggly schnauzer


had breakfast with mak and his darling boys


saw the most disturbing window display ever


hosted a naked lady party… Continue reading