Awesomest Children’s Halloween-ish books of 2008

I’ll start by confessing that I’ve read this book aloud to at least 8 groups of kids in the past two weeks. It’s got that perfect mixture of innocent eerieness and playfulness that’s enough to get a child interested, but isn’t going to have them jumping in bed with you at 2am.

There’s a line there and I don’t like to cross it. This is coming from a 29 year old woman, who in 1982 saw the movie E.T. in the theatre and almost never recovered from it. Seriously, I don’t know what it was about the little guy, but I didn’t eat hamburgers in the lunchroom until I started middle school. It scared me beyond all communication. It was like a bad acid trip, minus the acid, add milk duds.

So yeah, I work with children everyday, and I love, love, love heightening their senses with a little, “there was something creeping out of the dark wood”, but I always make sure that it was really a silly bunny, dressed as the Gila monster to produce some sighs of relief and giggles at the end.

Anyways, back to this awesomest book ever  business I was spoutin off about… Once upon a time there a little girl who just moved into a spooky-ooky house (with hardwood floors, high ceilings and everything) but little did she know that along with all of the other amenities, the house came with GHOSTS! Not just one, but a whole extended family of caspers. That might have been a deal breaker for folks like me and you but dood, this wasn’t no ordinary real-estate navigator, this girl, she was a WITCH! Not a scary old hag, but a cute, Fisher Price “Little People” orange and black woodblock print witch.

And what does this little Harry Potter glorifying witchcraft hussy do about these home invaders? SHE PUTS THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE! HANGS THEM ON THE CLOTHES LINE AND THEN REUSES THEM AS HOME LINENS.

So ultimately this is a book about saving the environment.

No really, I think it’s the bees knees. So, so, cute! Buy it for your children! Or if Daddy Warbucks forgot to leave your allowance this week, go get it from the library.

Oh yeah, it’s called “Ghosts in the House!” and is written by Kazuno Kohadra.

I would say it could appreciated by anyone from preschoolers,  through those in an extended adolescence.

But, if you’re looking for a book to appeal to an older child, then I would have to point out the graphic novel “Magic Trixie” by Jill Thompson.

Trixie is your typical big sister agonizing over the loss of attention since losing her “only child” status (a subject, I know nothing about). Well, Trixie’s not that typical, she is a pink-haired witch and she lives in a cafe with her family. She has a cat named Scratches…. and she goes to “Monstersorri” School. Her best friend Stitch is a mini Frankenstein (and it’s important to note that he wears Birkenstocks). She’s also classmates with a super cute Mummy named Nefi and a “catty” Werewolf.

Okay, I’m really just impressed by the nod to Maria Montessori. No, I really like it! Just look at the gap between her teeth on the cover and you’ll know that you will too.