love the cheeks on this bright little brooch.

you should buy it for me.  it’s on etsy

via: http://bkids.typepad.com


hey there little red riding hood

I love her. Am I too old for dolls?

 Alimrose Rag Doll available at http://www.peanutgallery.com.au

She would make a good companion while reading this fantastic take on the classic written by Melissa Sweet.

toys for the tot

I had so much fun picking out gifts for the baby bee’s upcoming first birthday. He is heavy into bathtime since graduating to the regular tub, so I went for two from Kid O. Then thank heavens I came across this adorable whale spout cover from Skip Hop. Now I can stop being paranoid that he is going to bonk his head.

            Baby’s first tugboat from Green Toys

And I looked and looked for a cute teddy bear, after reminiscing about my own childhood teddies, Brown Bear and Eggy. But upon finding Jeremy Fisher, a creation of Beatrix Potter I decided C might have a dandy froggie instead.

baby sushi

Every kid needs a wooden sushi set, right? Admit it, this is pretty awesome… and under $20!


Our new wooden sushi slicing set in a beautifully painted bento box is just too cool! Three types of sushi rice (nigiri, oshi, and maki) pieces come with shrimp, tuna, salmon roe, and egg pieces. Ginger, wasabi, and a dish of shoyu (soy sauce) are included, along with chopsticks, a play cleaver, and a menu.

And the most fun, is that when you slice use your sushi rolls, the velcro keeping them together makes a realistic “chopping sound”.

Available at http://www.oliebollen.com