3 things I did, that I now know better than to do again.

So Tuesday was my big Halloween get down at the library, the one that I so sensitively advertised as a “Masquerade Party” so that even families that shun the more obvious pagan rituals could come too. I decided to dress up like Pippi Longstocking, who I am constantly being compared to anyways. I mean, all I had to do was put some pipe cleaners in my braids, and POW! instant spunky storybook heroine. I wore this super fantastic 70’s flowy pantsuit jumper thing, with a really cool red & white stripey shirt underneath. You can’t see the patch, but it’s all molars and rainbows in perfect harmony. The stripey shirt was acquired from the merch table of this band Neon Hunk, who look like their stylist could be some hypercolored freak on walrus Ritalin. I’m not sure if they still “exist” or even really where they were from, but I saw them play a few times, and mostly remember that they were super cute. Except that you couldn’t tell that they were on the pretty side because they wore these full out costumes. For some reason, I really like when attractive people wear masks. Continue reading