juxtaposition, or error of the stock clerk

I love, love, love the Value Market. It’s a locally owned mid-sized grocery store with 4 locations here in Louisville. There is one 20 feet from where I work. There is one less than a mile from where I live. And then there is the one next to the Vietnam Kitchen, home of the VJ4, home of the Mock Duck with Green Beans it’s a vegan and carnivorous delight.

The later location of which I speak is quite different from the other two, it tries to meet the needs of a large immigrant and refugee population in that area. You can get a bombastic cuban sandwich from the deli, you can pick get 30lb bags of many types of rice, you can get plaintain jelly, and guava pastries, and fufu flour. But the best part in my opinion is the packaging. (With the exception of the watermelon sodas with a smiling child from guess which race on the can– which they may or may not carry any longer) it is a marvel of odd design.

I failed to capture the variety of delight of the Value Market shelves with my camera phone, but I did at least get this.


You know, just in case you want to make squid nachos.